Good news at the beginning of the week: Web futurist Jeff Jarvis will be joining us as a speaker and is heading THE ARTS+ Conference round table. He is the author of the bestseller “What Would Google Do?” and an advisor for various media companies and startups. 
Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis, born in 1954, is a leader at the intersection of technology and media, proposing new business models for news, advising media companies and startups, and helping build bridges between publishers and Silicon Valley platforms. At THE ARTS+ Conference Jeff will moderate the round table “Future of the Business of Creativity”.

He has been named one of the most influential media leaders by World Economic Forum and is a regular speaker at their forum in Davos and other conferences around the globe. He is especially interested in topics such as the open web, intellectual property in times of IoT and open source collaboration. Jarvis, a web visionary, considers the internet as a meeting point for the community and not just a medium. He shares a lot of his insights on his personal blog.

He received a lot of attention for his bestseller “What Would Google Do?”which was published in 2009 and deals with success of the search engine and how it can benefit your business.



Photo Credit: Photo Credit: re:publica/Daniel Seiffert (CC BY 2.0)