David Hockney is one of the most celebrated artists of the 20th century and has enjoyed a career of artistic creation lasting more than 60 years. Even today, the 79-year-old is still seeking new ways of creative output. At THE ARTS+ he will share his vision on the future of the arts. 

David Hockney

Born in Yorkshire in 1937, Hockney is regarded as a pioneer of British Pop Art for his collages and paintings of LA swimming pools. Over 60 years of artistic practice have made him one of the most important artists of our age.

Even today, the 79-year-old still shows a great desire to experiment and a willingness to include technical innovation in his work in unexpected ways. In his search for new forms to represent the world around us he has used photocopiers and fax machines, and has integrated polaroids and photo collages into his paintings. His inventive zeal remains undiminished. For his exhibition A Bigger Picture (2012) the artist produced a cycle of large-format images, with the help of an iPad. He has also produced unique landscapes projected onto video walls, filming with nine cameras mounted on a four-wheel-drive truck, each scene shot on-the-move from subtly different angles.

At THE ARTS+ Conference the legendary artist will share his insights on the role of an artist in the 21st century and will speak about his artistic practice. At THE ARTS+ Fair Hockney will present A Bigger Book, the new 500-page, large-format SUMO book, published by TASCHEN.

“David Hockney is one of the most multifaceted artists of the present day,” says Juergen Boos, Director of the Frankfurt Book Fair. “His openness to new media and his application of digital techniques, which is frankly genius, have made him into one of the pioneers of contemporary art. It also means he’s an ideal representative of what we want to showcase at THE ARTS+: the synthesis of the digital and the aesthetic in art.”

Photo Credit: Jean-Pierre Gonçalves de Lima