How do museums make use of all the digital potential? How does open data benefit cultural institutions? Get to know the digital agenda of Rijksmuseum or the story behind “Coding da Vinci” at THE ARTS+’ Espresso for the Mind. 


For many of years, artists have created art by using variations of the same methods, applying paint to a surface or shaping materials into a sculpture. But artists and museums are increasingly experimenting with pixels, algorithms, 3D printers, and different technologies to create works and curate exhibitions that evolve and respond to the environment around them.

At THE ARTS+ Fair, the ‘Espresso for the mind’ runway sessions will explore some of the innovative ideas for the future of the art world with a short brainstorm; one of these sessions is hosted by NEMO – The Network of European Museum Organisations.

Discover some of the strategies for digital collaboration in the Rijksmuseum – one of the most innovative museums in the world. How can museums continue to extend their reach through the new possibilities that digitisation has to offer?

Also the heads behind “Coding Da Vinci” will show what is possible with open data in the cultural sector. Whether as mobile applications, visualizations, games or in other forms. They show how technology and culture can be connected.

Innovation and creativity are among the key topics of NEMO’s work and Anja Schaluschke, Secretary General of the German Museums Association and Member of NEMO’s Executive Board, will share the knowledge gained from NEMO’s Working Group Museums and creative industries’ actions.

The role of partnerships between museums and other private and public organisations will also be a focus of NEMO’s Annual Conference Money Matters: The Economic Value of Museums from 10-12 November 2016 in Karlsruhe, Germany. The conference will deal with the economic dimensions of museums with representatives from more than 20 countries. THE ARTS+ has special ticket conditions for anyone who is interested. Please write an email to: More information about NEMO’s Annual conference here.


Photo Credit: NEMO