Wolf-Tassilo Sack is the executive producer at the film production company DROPOUT FILMS. He lives and works in Mainz, Germany. He began an internship at a classic advertising agency in Braunschweig in 200 and then worked his way up to the position of being Junior Art Director. To broaden his horizons, he decided to study Media-Design in Mainz in 2003 while continuing to work as a designer. During his studies, he started making films, trying out different genres of film and realized his talents in producing movies.


With other designers, filmmakers, artists, musicians and creatives, he founded the art club PENG in 2006. After finishing his studies in 2008, he ran the arthouse cinemas CAPITOL&PALATIN in Mainz. Since the beginning of 2011, he switched sides again from showing movies to making film and entered DROPOUT FILMS where he produces commercials and content for web, TV and cinema.