Whether architect, designer, game developer, film director, head of a collection or publisher – all of them have one thing in common: they create or curate cultural content. Thanks to digitalisation, any cultural asset can become digital content. This creates a new ecosystem within the creative industries, with new structures, processes and possibilities of collaboration across borders. That’s what THE ARTS+ stands for.

Ecosystems are worthless without partnerships and networks. Wer are therefore especially proud to announce a partnership with Fondazione Fitzcarraldo. It is an independent centre for planning, research, training and documentation on cultural, arts and media management, economics and policies, at the service of those who create, practise, take part in, produce, promote and support the arts and culture.

The Foundation aims to contribute to the development, diffusion and promotion of innovation and experimentation in the aforesaid fields of activity, also through the systematic search for collaboration agreements and synergies with local, regional, national and international authorities and bodies.

Fitzcarraldo Foundation and THE ARTS+ share many values and visions about the future of the creative sector. We tackle questions such as: How can culture and entrepreneurship, public and private sector initiatives cooperate? What are the best ways to support technologically triggered innovation? What are viable new business models apt to valorize content? Who are the new players in digital culture? We are going to exchange ideas, events and experts starting at ARTLAB 17 in Milan.  Please joins us there or in October during THE ARTS+!