#bebold and look for new horizons

What to expect at THE ARTS+ festival: Our topics of THE ARTS+ 2017

Five days filled with creativity and new possibilities. Five days full of workshops, sessions, and presentations by inspiring speakers of the cultural and technological industry. Five days for artists, techies, designers, publishers, start-ups, entrepreneurs and pioneers. Five days for everyone who wants to be part of the cultural and creative world of tomorrow by now. THE ARTS+ is the place where creativity meets business, art meets tech and opposites become partnerships. THE ARTS+ will take place in Hall 4.1. at the Frankfurter Buchmesse from October 11 to 15, 2017.



On day 1 (October 11th) we invite you to dive deep into the New cultural ecosystem fueled by new technologies and digitization.We will provide exclusive insights into current innovation and developments in the cultural and creative business sector and introduce you to the pioneers behind the scenes reinventing culture and creating new experiences without limits. On this day you will experience innovative technologies and get a glimpse of the opportunities the future of the cultural and creative worlds will open us.



On Day 2 (October 12th) you will meet a new avant-garde of creative entrepreneurs who are not afraid to cross borders and evolve new business models. THE ARTS+ focuses on the emerging content business and innovative entrepreneurship within the creative sectors this day. Be introduced to like-minded people from different sectors and experience the power of this crossover clash. Learn how to develop your idea into an efficient product or service. Find out how to transfer your creative good into a license, exploitable on high-scale. Get to know strategies how to navigate your creative potential from an idea to a venture. In a nutshell: Find out how to master the dynamic ecosystem of the future.



On Day 3 (October 13th) THE ARTS+ explores the future of the cultural and creative business and introduces you to tomorrow‘s genius: the creative machine. Nearly every week we read about a bot that paints, writes a story, composes music, designs objects or builds a house. It seems like the machine is taking over – also the creative world. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) is creating a new form of arts. Smart and self-learning technologies can lead to a whole new world of creative possibilities.

We look ahead into the future: What happens when machines become intelligent and creative? Is this the end – or just the beginning of a new era?

And finally, on day 4 (October 14th) and 5 (October 15th) it´s all about experiencing and live testing. The creative and cultural world is not a closed shop any longer: THE ARTS+ and their partners open their doors to the public on the weekend and invite a new generation of “creative customers” to dive deep into the emerging world of new creative possibilities.