The Motovun Group of International Publishers is an association of people from around the world committed to publishing, creating, producing, selling and marketing books in all forms. Membership is by invitation only. The organisation comprises some 85 members representing more than 20 different countries and including well-known publishers such as Lannoo, Brandstätter Verlag, Place des Éditeurs, Roli Books, Thames & Hudson, Rizzoli and MoMA.

At THE ARTS+ 2017, MGIP is celebrating its 40th birthday with a business hub dedicated to encouraging business and fostering cooperation between companies and countries. The hub supports members and business partners in promoting business opportunities, discussing innovations, building lasting professional bonds and forming permanent friendships across international borders.

MGIP is also hosting a session dedicated to BEAUTY AND THE BEAST? – ART AND DESIGN BOOKS IN THE DIGITAL AGEwhich will discuss the opportunities and challenges that digital transformation presents for art and design books with representatives from the fields of visual culture, art and design publishing.

The Motovun Group of International Publishers sponsors a Scholarship Programme, a Fellowship Programme (in cooperation with the Frankfurter Buchmesse and Digital Book World, New York), the ICMA Creative Media Award and the MGIP Motovun Book Award for Publishing Excellence. Motovun also hosts dinners for members and prospective members at the annual book fairs in Frankfurt and London, as well as a three-day summer meeting at different locations with the MGIP Rights Centre.