Seda Röder is an adventurous musician. Her passion for exploring uncharted musical grounds and creating refreshing aural experiences make her one of the most engaging pianists of her generation. We are delighted that she has created an exclusive event for THE ARTS+: “Sonophilia Spark”, which will take place on October 13. In our interview, she reveals what the audience can expect and why creativity is so relevant in the digital age.

Ms Röder, you are a top management consultant as well as a renowned pianist and composer. Your music and productions, which combine analogue and digital elements, capture the spirit of the times. The key theme in all your performances and events is creativity. What relevance does creativity have in the digital age?

Seda Röder: Creativity is the driving force behind every innovation. Therefore, it is the new gold of our era – an era which is defined by disruption, speed and adaptability. Creativity is what differentiates us from machines. It will remain untouched by the onslaught of automation and AI for a long time in the future. Nevertheless, we still need to have a better knowledge and understanding about how creativity happens and how we can cultivate it.

You founded Sonophilia, an international network for creative leadership. With your “Sonophilia Salon” you spark your audience’s creativity through interaction in the form of dialogue, discussions and workshop sessions. How exactly does that work and how does one prepare for an event like that?

Seda Röder: Analogies are one of the most important aspects of inspiration and creativity – for example, I see something in one field and I am able to transpose it to my field. Our events are based on this principle: A small circle of leading international minds from arts, sciences, politics, tech and business come together to share their ideas and best practices. Furthermore, top researchers present their latest theories and findings. This leads to amazing new synergies between business, science, culture and technology.

On 13 October at THE ARTS+ you will present “Sonophilia Spark” – an event that includes music, dialogue, discussions and keynotes. All contributions delve into the relationship between the arts and artificial intelligence. What can the audience expect at “Sonophilia Spark”?

Seda Röder: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a pervasive issue. Today there are experiments with it in almost every field – including human creativity. Creative AI is particularly interesting when it comes to understanding how close artificial intelligence can become to human intelligence. There is very interesting research going on – some companies like Jukedeck or are even making the international headlines with computer-generated music, design, literature and art. In “Sonophilia Spark” we will meet some of these world-famous researchers, artists, AI and business experts and learn about the latest developments in the field – and about where things are heading.


Why is THE ARTS+ the right context for an interdisciplinary event like “Sonophilia Spark”?

Seda Röder: As your question already reveals, THE ARTS+ is very interdisciplinary. Furthermore, it is business oriented. There needs to be better communication between the different disciplines. That is why we are a part of THE ARTS+ – because we love multifaceted dialogue!


Thank you very much for your time, Ms Röder.


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