From Wednesday, October 11, to Friday October 13, at 3 pm it´s time for “Espresso for the mind” at THE ARTS+. In these dynamic pitching sessions, you will be introduced to fresh ideas and concepts from start-ups and pioneers from the cultural and creative scene. Each speaker gets 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds for 5 minutes on stage. Afterwards you´ll have the chance to ask your questions within an interactive Q&A.

We asked every candidate beforehand one single question:

Why are you redefining the creative and cultural business?


See their answers (which will be completed day by day) and meet our Espresso candidates!


On Wednesday, October 11, you´ll meet

MARK FOLKENBERG, CEO & Founder, Books & Magic

“We’re expanding the physical boundaries of books and challenge the normal perception of them. We know we are in the process of redefining, as we cannot look to others nor read us to the answers. It’s trial and error in a new territory with constantly new challenges but also new great possibilities and perspectives on the classical media, books.”

MAREIKE KIRNICH, Project Management & Cooperation, kladde publishing house


“Betwyll is a webapp fostering reading in a digital environment through synthesis (tweets or twylls), a time constraint (reading calendars) and a social experience (gamification). At Betwyll, we think that e-reading is a layer that adds up to paper reading rather than being a substitute for it. In our perspective the future of publishers will be focused on broadcasting digital services concerning books, while books as a content are likely to become a digital commodity and remain – up to a certain extent – physical products. According to this perspective, as long as book content is protected by copyright, book publishers are potential Betwyll partners rather than Betwyll customers.

NEIL SAUNDERS, CEO & Founder, Geopast

“We believe the past should be discovered rather than searched. We’re focused on bringing historical collections together to bring history to life for every generation.”

ROSA SALA, CEO & Co-founder, Nubart 

“Cultural heritage and language diversity are the European soul. Yet only 15% of museums currently offer an audio guide to their visitors due to high costs of technology and maintenance. Nubart developed “the audio guide you can keep”, an innovative concept with no devices and no apps. Its low cost allows even small museums, or temporary exhibitions, to enrich the experience of their visitors. The usage data the museums gets provides rich insight to their customers for planning and improving their offerings.”


“We are bringing technology innovation to every classroom to support traditional school aids in order to make technology available for kids around the world to promote equality in education and enlarge educational experiences for teachers, kids and parents.”



On Thursday, October 12, these candidates are pitching:

DEBORA ALBANO, Co-founder & Managing Director, Lapisly

“Lapisly’s art appbooks for children bring artworks to life, delivering high quality art education contents to digital native new generations worldwide through the language, and via a device they are used to and they prefer; the possibility of offering an innovative enhanced art experience broaden horizons for the ecosystem of cultural and educational institutions favouring new synergies with the edtech and edutainment industry.”


“Opening the art market to everyone should be a good enough reason to build Feral Horses, but we do not stop there. Thanks to what we do, the whole art market will have a new staggering amount of data. This will help us all to add a quantitative layer of analysis that will allow everyone in the industry to have more transparency and trust in the system, without leaving out the much needed qualitative aspect of the analysis.”


GERALD CAI, Business Partner & Co-Founder of MXRi

ANNA LIONETTI, Metadata manager for the publishing industry

CHRISTIAN H. ROTHER, Founder & CEO, Smart Collectors 

“The intention behind smart-collectors really is the ambition to share with the world the privilege of surrounding oneself with art, to enjoy and be inspired by creativity, and to participate in and support culture.”

JANINE SACK, Founder & Publisher, electric eclectic

“E-books seem to be a natural habitat for visual culture. So we help to make it visible in the digital landscape.”

FABIO VIOLA, Game Designer & Founder, TuoMuseo

“As a boy who grew up in the 80s, I spent my childhood playing videogames (to the joy of my parents…) and reading history books. Two worlds, seemingly at odds, merged this year in the 1 million download project “Father and Son”.  In a fast-moving world, every museum and cultural institution should hire a game designer to rethink audience engagement and revenue strategies!”


On Friday, October 13, meet these creative minds:


“Most distribution companies are competitor focused. They see what others are doing, and then work to follow on fast. In contrast, as a technological film distribution platform, 95% of what we build in Movieday is driven by what audiences tell us they want and by what technology we have to implement so we can satisfy them.”



“Imagine a world without galleries, orchestras, film, festivals. With we are utilising digital technology to bring together business and the arts, and start conversations to enable Corporate Cultural Partnerships. Both sides have something the other can benefit from: Arts = low on funds and high on emotional audience connection. Business = high on funds and (often) low on emotional target-group connection. Let’s start a conversation!”

PAUL RUSELER, Founder & CEO, Storypix

ALBRECHT SENSCH, Head of virtual Concert Hall, Konzerthaus Berlin

“Because we dare to try things that don’t make sense within traditional thinking. We try to unlearn old solutions to rethink problems with new technology.”



“Culture relies on habits and knowledge, reading is still “the” way to fall in love with culture in this digital age, as well as at the dawn of civilization. ReadRunner aims to foster cultural innovation through a gentle revolution that matches traditional behaviours with new technologies. We create technology-based reading assistive tools that are beautiful to engage with and valuable to live with. We see them simply as a pair of beautiful glasses you wear to see the world more clearly in everyday life.”


“We believe that sharing emotions and experiences is the heart of cultural life. It’s about the people. And we love bringing them together by mixing up innovation technologies, also in VR and AR. Therefore we connect physical and digital worlds as they are one natural object. So do the step and feel free to use thechnology as a part of your social environment.”