Book lovers and creatives of all kinds will find it impossible to resist the Frame x Thomas Brown space at The Arts+. Combining photographer Thomas Brown’s interactive Volume of Light installation with a bookstand by Frame Publishers, Frankfurt Book Fair attendees are invited to stop by for a delicious coffee or tea, browse through the wide selection of design titles, and create, photograph, and name a paper sculpture as part of Brown’s project.

VoL invites participants to adopt an image and give it a title: ‘The titles become inseparable from the images,’ says Brown, ‘transforming the paper sculptures into a face, a country, or a defrosting chicken.’ On 13 October, The Arts+ participants have the opportunity to join Frame and Thomas Brown in an interactive photography session, where guests can create their own paper sculptures, photograph the sculptures, and bequeath the images with titles.

As a photographer, Thomas Brown’s aesthetic is graphic, linear, and simple. His work explores the patterns or forms calmly underlying chaotic surroundings. He uses the camera to facilitate his responses to natural and architectural spaces.

Frame is a leading international media brand for interior design professionals: Frame magazine honours the crème de la crème of international interior design, while its sister Mark magazine is a platform for the practice and perception of architecture at the dawn of the third millennium. Frame also publishes diverse design books by creatives for creatives, and organizes talks and other events around the world.

So come to the café to refresh yourself with a rejuvenating beverage; take a moment to check out Frame’s books featuring architecture, interior and object design; and participate in Brown’s project of collaborative authorship by adopting a VoL artwork.