In 2018, THE ARTS+ will be in touch with you all the year round! Therefore, the creative business festival of the Frankfurter Buchmesse will take place in different locations with a variety of events throughout the year. What lies ahead of THE ARTS+ in 2018? Holger Volland, founder of THE ARTS+, gives some insights.

Holger Volland © Frankfurter Buchmesse / Bernd Hartung

Artificial intelligence, blockchains, Augmented and Virtual Reality – these are just four of many digital developments that are increasingly permeating our everyday lives and form the basis of cultural Technologies and business models that seemed virtually unimaginable just a few years ago. At the same time, these technological innovations fundamentally call into question established production and distribution channels in all sectors of the economy. Last but not least, they also seem to intimidate a lot of people.

Disruption as opportunity

That’s why we feel that there are still many questions that need to be asked: What do these developments mean for the creative and cultural industries? What might future-proof business concepts look like? Which examples can teach us a thing or two? Where do potential threats to culture arise? The third edition of THE ARTS+, the creative business festival of the Frankfurter Buchmesse (10-14 October 2018), is once again dedicated to answering exactly these questions. To do so, we are engaging in a close exchange of ideas with exhibitors, speakers and partners from the cultural, technological, economic and political sectors – and are bringing these actors together.

The concept behind the 2018 programme: year-round and focussed

This year, we want to engage even more intensely in conversation with IT and art enthusiasts like you. To this end, we are also organising discussions, talks and workshops in various places and with various partners in the months leading up to THE ARTS+. Finally, in October, we will address different branches of the cultural and creative sector in a targeted way through daily themes and relevant interactive programme formats.

Start getting excited about everything we have in store for you! Personally, I’m already very much looking forward to the coming months and our lively conversation about the future of the creative and cultural industries.