THE ARTS+ 2018 is opening its doors for the third time at the Frankfurter Buchmesse, and things are already really beginning to heat up behind the scenes. Events are being planned, speakers invited and programmes scheduled. At the middle of it all is Holger Volland, the creative mind behind the festival. In our interview, he talks about the major topics of 2018 and about how and why THE ARTS+ is shaping a new ecosystem.

THE ARTS + is subtitled “Future of Culture Festival” this year. What do you mean by that?

Holger Volland: Well, our world is being turned upside-down at a dizzying rate. Technology and culture , two areas previously considered opposites, are merging more and more. New technologies are transforming culture and creativity, formerly the exclusive purview of human beings, from the ground up. And, in the process, not only are business models, media, our communication and living environments changing, but so is our society as a whole, and our understanding of ourselves as human beings. A new ecosystem is emerging.
THE ARTS+ is actively shaping this new ecosystem. In order to do so, we bring together key players from the creative and cultural sectors, as well as economics and politics, who actively drive these changes.

What does THE ARTS + want to achieve?

Holger Volland: We want to point out the possibilities that new technologies offer and bring together the key players who determine our cultural living worlds – in order to shape them together. We’re convinced that the only way to solve the challenges of the future is by working together – which is why THE ARTS+ sees itself as a link between cultural worlds and aims to establish networks and synergies. The festival is also about financial alliances – the economic present and future of the creative industry. Finally, it is also dedicated to creating a new order and, with it, a new framework – financial and political, but also in terms of how the sectors understand and justify themselves.

What can we expect at THE ARTS+ 2018?

Holger Volland: THE ARTS+ sees itself as a showroom for the future of the cultural and creative industries, it features pioneers and drivers of change – those who may participate in determining our future cultural legacy. One of our major topics is: „Cultural Heritage of Tomorrow“. The three trade visitor days aim to treat the restructuring of the cultural ecosystem in a holistic way, asking the fundamental questions Who, What and How: Who will be the actors in the cultural heritage ecosystem of the future? What will be the cultural heritage and how will cultural heritage be consumed in the future?
These are the questions we´ll discuss as part of THE ARTS+ programme – with politicians, creatives, designers and pioneers from technology and economics, and representatives from museums, cultural institutions, and media companies. In micro conferences, panel discussions and networking events. We´re really looking forward to it!


Thank you for your time, Holger!