THE ARTS+ FAIR, spanning over 2.000 sqm, is hosted in a specially designed and curated area within the Frankfurt Book Fair, which annually attracts 270.000 visitors, 10.000 journalists, 10.000 right dealers (publishing, film, games, online) and 200+ political and administrative officials from over 110 countries.

THE ARTS+ area has a central exhibition space where creative and cultural organizations, technology companies, museums and creatives showcase the huge world of cultural content and innovation in the creative business.

At THE ARTS+ we welcome international professionals from culture and the creative field, such as

museum executives
technology professionals
policy makers / politicians
bloggers and journalists.
THE ARTS+ unifies the creative and cultural sectors to lift the full potential of creative content and to shape an emerging ecosystem. This year’s  THE ARTS+ events  take place over a period of five days. Each day has its focus on another topic:


The Arts+ starts in