THE ARTS+ is the key event for those who seek new partnerships, manufacturers and technology providers in the cultural and creative business.

The Arts+ Fair

These companies and institutions are already exhibiting.

Exhibitors / Partners are:

documenta, SKY Arts television, JK Imaging / KODAK, Monocle, TASCHEN, 75B, Google Art Institute, DC Media, Marcel Wanders Design, ARRI, ECCE, Juergen Mayer H. Architects, Nederlands Letterenfonds, TYPO, Deutscher Designer Club, Europeana, artnet, independent Collectors, Creative Europe, brand eins, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, taz, buchreport, t3n, Monotype, H.O.M.E, business punk, Capital, the Hundert, Hessen Creative, WIBANK, Hessen Agentur, (…and more…)

Museums at THE ARTS+ / Frankfurt Book Fair:

Anne Frank House, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Caricatura Museum, Frankfurt
Museo del Libro, Burgos, Spain
Museum of the Printing Arts, Leipzig
Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA
National Portrait Gallery, London, Great Britain
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, USA
Porsche Museum, Stuttgart
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Great Britain
Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands