Investor Workshop


THE ARTS+ SALON 12. October 2017 16:00 - 17:00

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Juliane Schulze

With revenues of 2,250 billion dollars, the cultural and creative industries account for three per cent of world GDP and employ 29.5 million people. Even so, big business and creativity seem to be an odd couple. But maybe not for much longer: In recent years, the creative industries have increasingly attracted the attention of investors and financers.

Juliane Schulze offers a peek behind the scenes of the investing business. Presenting alternative financing for the creative industries, she explains how investors think, helping you turn your vision into a thriving business.

Understand how to convince equity investors to believe in your project – and take advantage of the opportunity to ask about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about money-makers and their business.

Seating is limited. Registration required. Participation is free. 



JULIANE SCHULZE, Senior Partner, peacefulfish and member of the board of Media Deals



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