THE ARTS+ RUNWAY 14. October 2017 11:00 - 14:00

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David Brüll
Patrick Ferling
Sebastian Gsuck
Daniel Guthor
Michael Kraft
Norbert Krause
Julia Lohmann
Thomas Mielmann
Joel Monaco
Daniel Scheier
Katharina Siemann
Sebastian Thies
Marie Weich
Marie Wellershoff

Take a seat and get to know probably the most creative minds in Germany: Within this creative relay you will be introduced to start-ups, pioneers, new thinkers, cross-thinkers… in short: German innovators, who work at the intersection of creativity and technology to create ground-breaking ideas and experiences.

Germany is well known for quality, discipline and punctuality. But what about creative innovation, inspired in Germany – who is talking about that?

We are! And we will not only talk about it, we will show it.

Experience fresh ideas, learn about innovative technologies and get to know the creative minds behind sometimes incredible, always future-oriented creative businesses:

Take a glance into the future, made in Germany: just lean back, relax, have fun and be inspired!



DAVID BRÜLL, Founder, NODE Forum & Partner, NSYNK Gesellschaft für Kunst & Technik

PATRICK FERLING, Co-Founder, Zunderfabrik

SEBASTIAN GSUCK, Co-Founder, Media Apes

DANIEL GUTHOR, Co-Founder, Aspekteins

MICHAEL KRAFT, Founder & CTO, Audiodevel

NORBERT KRAUSE, Conceptual Artist & Project Designer

JULIA LOHMANN, Designer & Reseacher, Professor for Design, University of Fine Arts, Hamburg

THOMAS MIELMANN, Co-Founder, Schurkenstart Film

JOEL MONACO, Co-Founder & CEO, Swapper

HELMUT RAMSAUER, Start up Founder & Initiator of Silicon Vilstal

DANIEL SCHEIER, Co-Founder, Schurkenfilm

KATHARINA SIEMANN, Founder, hannsjana

SEBASTIAN THIES, Founder & Designer, Nat-1

MARIE WEICH, Founder, hannsjana

MARIE WELLERSHOFF, Co-Founder, Zunderfabrik