Espresso for the mind

THE ARTS+ FAIR RUNWAY 21. October 2016 10:15 - 11:00

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Philipp Geisler
Chantal Eschenfelder
Martijn Pronk
René van Engelenburg
Anja Schaluschke

The morning at THE ARTS+ starts with an Espresso which is brief and stimulating – and anything but black: Every day up to five candidates working at the intersection of creativity and technology will present their innovative concepts, projects and ideas within a dynamic relay on THE ARTS+ RUNWAY.

In this session, you will take an exclusive look behind the scenes of the digital strategy of the Rijksmuseum – one of the most innovative museums in the world and a pioneer in connecting with its audience in a new way. Furthermore, you will meet the people who are “Coding Da Vinci” as well as new forms of arts education.

This session is presented by NEMO  – Network of European Museum Organisations.

To showcase, celebrate and redefine creativity in the digital age THE ARTS+ presents a cross section of innovative ideas and new potentials in the Creative Industries within a daily pitching event. Be there