THE ARTS+ RUNWAY 12. October 2018 14:15 - 14:35

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There’s no doubt that the creative and cultural industries have enormous (economic) power, which emerging technologies could tap into. Yet somehow it seems that culture is struggling to reach its full potential: Only a few players take advantage of the opportunities that new technology provides; only a few companies actually live their digital strategies. For the most part, they cling to traditional structures and processes, while missing out on opportunities and losing audiences.

It’s time to abandon the comfort zone and take the plunge – but how?

In this inspiring keynote, Frank Thelen, serial founder and technology investor, will strike the balance between continuity and change and offer advice about what needs to be done in order to shape the cultural ecosystem of the future.

An appeal for greater courage in culture, from the point-of-view of a future-driven renovator.


  • Frank Thelen, Founder & CEO, Freigeist Capital, serial founder & technology investor, Germany


This event is part of THE ARTS+ micro-conference “ACCESS IS NOT ENOUGH. EXPERIENCE IS EVERYTHING


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