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Everyone comes to Frankfurt, from global CEOs to content tech innovators and famous artists, giving you the opportunity to forge in-person connections across industry boundaries.

Turn Content into Business

Meet the partners and tools that can help you to develop successful products or services from your content. Offer your content to international investors and retailers.

Media Exposure

More than 10,000 accredited journalists and influencers cover all the innovations and big names at the Fair.

Enhance your career

Gain international experience and build your own network of global contacts. Attend our events to broaden your knowledge and enhance your expertise in the fast-growing cultural business.


Be seen by 7,300 exhibitors and 286,000 visitors from over 100 countries. This is the best opportunity in the world to build up your brand for business in the global cultural industry.

Face Time

Digital communication makes our daily lives more convenient, but face-to-face meetings have the unique power to build stronger, long-lasting relationships and trust between people.

Media Reach 2017

(in relevant Media)

Audience reach: 116 million

Amount of articles and posts: 1.500